Miscellaneous News and updates

06. April 2006 - Added some buttons to layout and next links on the articles.

05. April 2006 - CPU cooler installed and new installation article added. Also revamped the pages with some hFX inspired graphics! :)

07. March 2006 - LCDs are being fried (Norwegian) - Seems that there is a big chance that you can fry your new LCD panel if you have it hooked up to a PC due to some bad antenna cables. Make sure you have the galvanised type.

06. March 2006 - New mCubed HFX M20 Mini HTPC cabinet - A smaller alternative to the mCubed HFX I have used in my project. Using an external powersupply you have one heatsource less inside the htpc, which is a really good thing.

Written by John Christian Lønningdal - April 2006